Videos sobre comunicación

Think Fast, Talk Smart: Communication Techniques –
Stanford Graduate School of Business
The dark magic of communication – How we manipulate others | Christopher Cummings | TEDxNTU
Effectively Communicating Ethics to a Global Audience – New York Stock Exchange
«Weird Al» Yankovic – Word Crimes
Amy Cuddy – Tips for successful public speaking – Insights for Entrepreneurs
Un ejemplo: Presentación del Iphone por Steve Jobs
How your posture impacts the mind

He Said Cigarettes To Women Are «Torches Of Freedom» (Bernays)
Entrevista a Bernays sobre «Torches of Freedom»
Media Coach Video Tip – Three activities to improve your speaking: Crisis Management
Otto Scharmer on the four levels of listening
It’s Not Manipulation, It’s Strategic Communication | Keisha Brewer | TEDxGeorgetown

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