Asuntos Públicos


The Holmes Report – Public Affairs Agencies of the Year

Agencias de Asuntos Públicos

MultiState (US)

Agora Public Affairs (Latin America)

Public Affairs LLYC (Latin America)

Mower PR & Public Affairs (US) (EE.UU.)

Eurasia Group (Polical Risk Consultancy)

Blog de Asuntos Públicos (Llorente & Cuenca)

Al-Monitor (Monitoreo Medio Oriente)


Public affairs vs. public relations: What is the difference? (PR Daily)

¿Qué entendemos por Asuntos Públicos? (Atrevia)

What is Public Affairs? – The Leading Public Affairs Network

A Guide To Public Affairs – The Leading Public Affairs Network

Asuntos Públicos, el Lobby y las Relaciones Institucionales (Atrevia)

When Lobbyists Literally Write The Bill (NPR)

10 Tips for Effective Lobbying (University of Illinois system)

Lobbying Techniques – Preservation Leadership Forum

General Lobbying Rules for NonProfits

Interest Groups & Lobbying Around the World by Dr Conor McGrath

Los Asuntos Públicos, un interés ciudadano (Presentación)

5 Ways Public Affairs Has Changed. Possibly Forever (FiscalNote)

The truth about lobbying: 10 ways big business controls government (The Guardian)

Policy-Making in a COVID World Demands Transparent Partnership Across Institutions – Edelman

5 Common Public Affairs Specialist Interview Questions & Answers


FactTank – Pew Research Center

BTI Transformation Index – Bertelsmann Stiftung

The World Bank Doing Business Ranking

Global Edge -Global Business Knowledge by Michigan State University

Lobbying Site – OECD

Cursos y Seminarios

Asociaciones sobre Asuntos Públicos

Lobbying: Strategies and techniques of intervention (Frank J. Farnel)

Interest groups and lobbying in the United States and comparative perspectives (Conor McGrath)

Report – Lobbyists, Governments and Public Trust, Volume 3. Implementing the OECD Principles for Transparency and Integrity in Lobbying – OECD

Artículos sobre lobbying en inglés

Lobbying for Good – Stanford

A Better Way to Fix Lobbying – Brookings

Artículos sobre lobbying en español

Alberto Alemanno – Lobbying for Chance


Largest Lobbying Firms in Greater D.C. (Washington Business Journal)

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