Media Training


8 Tips to Ace Your Next Phone Interview (Throughline Group)

5 Reasons To Pause During Your Media Interviews
(Throughline Group)

Do I make myself clear? Media training for scientists (Ad / Science)

Can we film with social distance? Five tips from our NHS filming (The Media Coach Blog)

How to Find the Best Media Training (MediaFirst, UK)

16 Different Media Interview Formats and How to Handle Them (MediaFirst, UK)


Formación en Español

Manejo de Crisis y Media Training (Universidad UCAL, Perú)

Asessoría en Comunicación y Oratoria (DM Comunicaciones, Chile)


Formación en Inglés

Media Training All Courses Online (Media Training WorldWide)

Media Training: You Can Be a Media Trainer (Udemy)

PR Foundations: Media Training (Lynda)

Media training courses (Monash Univresity)

The Ultimate 2 Hour On-Camera Media Training Course (Online)

Complete Media Training Master Class – Confidence on Camera (Udemy)

Media and Presentation Training face-to face or Online (The Media Coach, UK)

Media Training for Online Interviews (live online) (International School of Communication)

In-house Training: Media Training (Thomson Reuters Foundation)

Media training course available to entire Berkeley community online (UC Berkeley)

Online Media Training (Hawkeye Media, UK)

Media Training Course (MediaFirst, UK)

Media Training Associates (UK)

The Communication Center (US)


Comunicación de liderazgo

PR for CEO´s strategy and tips (FINN)


Presentaciones efectivas

Color Theory for Presentations

5 Principles For Making PowerPoint Slides With Impact (Forbes)

The 10 Biggest Public Speaking Phobias And How To Overcome Them (Business Insider)

10 Tips on How to Start a Presentation with Impact

Choosing Colors for Your Presentation Slides


Videos de formación en Inglés

Talk Like a Consultant – Top down communication explained (management consulting skills)

Proveedores de servicios de Media Training
Artículos sobre creación de mensajes
Entrevistas en TV – Casos (Inglés)
Entrevistas en TV – Casos (Español)

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