Comunicación Interna

Organizaciones enfocadas en Comunicación Interna – Español

Asociación Peruana de Comunicación Interna (APECI)

DialogusCI – Comunidad apasionada por la Comunicación Interna

Organizaciones enfocadas en Comunicación Interna – Inglés

IC Kollectif – Nonprofit dedicated to internal communication 


Un consejo muy simple de Elon Musk para mejorar la comunicación interna en SpaceX (Alejandro Formanchuk)

New Global Research Report Examines the Contribution of Internal Communication to Business Success (IC Kollectif)

Research Brief Series on Measurement: Linking Internal Communication to Business Results (IC Kollectif)

How The CEO Can Win The Hearts And Minds Of Employees

Infographic: 8 Employee Engagement Best Practices

What is the Best Strategy for CEO Communication? – VP Legacies

When Corporate America Joins In the Podcast Craze, ‘It Gets Boring Fast’

Get Serious About Your Communication Pull-Through and Activation Strategy – OnMessage

CEO Communication Requires Strategic Intent and Persistence – OnMessage

IC must define itself better and give CEOs «clarity» on its role – PRWeek

What do CEOs think of internal communication? – All Things IC

The Lost Art (and Science) of Sustained Executive Communication – OnMessage

50 global internal comms experts share effective strategies for leadership and line-manager communication – H&H UK

Helping your CEO to be a great communicating leader – IC Team UK

Memo to the CEO: Are you the source of workplace dysfunction? – McKinsey

Communications get personal: How leaders can engage employees during a return to work – McKinsey

During a Crisis, CEOs Should Lead Internal Communications

A leader’s guide: Communicating with teams, stakeholders, and communities during COVID-19 – McKinsey

The Five Messages Leaders Must Manage – Harvard Business Review

Why employee wellness should be a top priority right now – Ragan

Internal Communications Can Make or Break Brand Reputation During Coronavirus Crisis – PRNews Online

State of the Intranet 2020 – Simpplr

Conoce 10 estrategias de Comunicación Interna


All The Ways The Whirlpool Corporation Leverages Its Employee Engagement Platform – Social Chorus


SocialChorus’ Internal Communicator Index


The Role of Internal CEO Communication in a Digitalized Work Environment – M Claude, J Andreas – Management, 2020

Managing internal communication: How the choice of channels affects internal communication satisfaction – Public Relations Review, 2020

Status of internal communication research in public relations: An analysis of published articles in nine scholarly journals from 1970 to 2019 – Y Lee, CA Yue – Public Relations Review, 2020

Examining the Effects of Internal Communication and Emotional Culture on Employees’ Organizational Identification – CA Yue, LR Men, MA Ferguson – … Business Communication, 2020

CEO credibility, perceived organizational reputation, and employee engagement


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