More Stories – More Strategies – MORE Latin America (please)

By Doug Downs, host of Stories and Strategies, the managing partner with JGR Communications in Alberta, Canada.

The ultimate irony for PR people is nobody really understands what they do for a living… and none of them can actually explain it.

I’m one of those sad PR individuals. I tried explaining my vocation once to my mother but babbled something about target audiences, key messages, and influencers. She nodded politely and asked if I wanted more coffee.

I’m not alone. In my 20 years as a professional communicator, I’ve never met a colleague who could really explain it. Every day we help technical experts and senior leaders find the right ways to both communicate simply and help others feel understood. We’re actually quite critical to successful business. We can explain others, but not ourselves.

So earlier this year we started a podcast focused on trying to explain what PR pros do. A podcast for us, by us, so we could explain us. Each week, in only 15 minutes, we hear from scientists, PR professionals, and organizational leaders about the scientifically-backed communication(s) strategies they’re using to make our organizations better, our societies better. Why coffee might be the best strategy of them all, how to be more creative, why voters in the USA seem so divided.

Doug Downs is the host of Stories and Strategies, the managing partner with JGR Communications in Alberta, Canada.

Global response

We didn’t expect the global following we’ve garnered in such a short time. A following not only in Canada where the podcast is based but throughout the United States, in the UK, Europe, Australasia… we even had an email last week from someone in India telling us they listen every week.

You can find the podcast here on Apple Podcasts, or you can find it on any other podcast directory you prefer.

More Latin America (please)

One part of the World we haven’t focused on so far is Latin America. That’s about to change. The new office of the PRCA in Buenos Aires asked us if it could participate in an episode which will publish November 29, 2020. It’s a good first episode but we want to expand on that and begin interviewing PR pros throughout Latin America because we know there’s much you can share to other practitioners throughout the World. And not just the PR pros… we want to speak with the neuroscientists, the psychologists and CEOs who study and depend on good communication.

So if you have a story to tell or a strategy to share, about communication, we want to chat with you. Email us at and we’ll follow up.

We’re deeply grateful to for helping us reach out to you like this. It shows the leadership of this important resource.

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